Dr. Jim Garrow: Dummies R Us

Dumbies R Us:

Dr. Jim Garrow

The title says it all – if you are a conservative, right-leaning, Christian who probably thinks that Ronald Reagan was an okay guy, you are too dumb to understand that Strzok guy. Yup he is beyond your depth, you imbeciles you. The Democrats have found the magic formula/narrative to trot out whenever one of their protected ones is in cross hairs of any sort. Unleash the hounds of bafflegab and call all opponents nincompoops. And you thought Popeye the Sailorman had strength to spare, these Dumbocrats think that name calling is better than evidence. You might even say that they are delusional enough to think that not answering questions will “trump” the efforts of a hound like Trey Gowdy.

I have never met a fellow from Greenville South Carolina that I didn’t like. When my sister graduated from Bob Jones University I can recall the trailer park that we stayed in proudly showing off our grass roots. We couldn’t afford much else. The fact that she is the only one of our clan to have graduated from high school is a phenomenon worth speaking about (I was kicked out before graduation). Thats not to say that we were not inspired to do graduate work in a variety of Universities, but that is off topic.

So the dumbie from Greenville shredded the ego from Washington and gained a reputation for the ” I’m not impressed gaze” and for parsing words as only Bill Clinton can – I still wonder about what “it” refers to, although a clown comes to mind. But then again I don’t attend classic movies I’m still at the Three Stooges level according to the Dumbocrats. Speaking of entertainment, I can’t wait for the next instalment of “Gowdy Strzok Him Out”.
See you in the bleachers. I’m cheering for America.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –