Dr. Jim Garrow: When Fear Is Gone And Disrespect Rules Supreme

When Fear Is Gone And Disrespect Rules Supreme:

Dr. Jim Garrow

It has taken many decades for the goal of the socialists and their conveniently allied blood brothers in islam to reach the point in the Republic where they form a clear and present danger to American society and its Constitution. Whether we are at a council meeting or Board of Education meeting in almost any jurisdiction in America we see the small demands of the islamist cabal reaching into our daily lives and demanding accommodations that will lead ultimately to their goal of the take over of American society and the deaths of both the Constitution and those who have been lulled into the belief that all can live freely as equals under its protections.

It was alliances between the Nazis and the mullahs that insured that regions of the world would be placed under the dictators iron fist. Behind it all would be the common understanding that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. In America, we are that enemy of islam and socialism. Islam has in the past and will continue to use the socialist/marxists to open the door to their ultimate take over of American society. It is a broad goal with a denominator of long term patience. Each small victory leads them closer to that ultimate goal. Each “useful idiot” who works with them a convenient tool in their toolbox. Each freedom loving but ignorant patriot who treats them as an equal an “unsuspecting” victim to their plan.

The smiling face of an agreeable and seemingly reasonable islamist today is the precursor to the knife wielding savage of tomorrow. Rape, torture, gangs, no go zones and horrors are in the days to come. Recognize it, name it, decry it and stop it at every turn is the responsibility of every freedom loving American lest the Republic bow to the slave master in the making.

Yes it is a conspiring together of elements that will destroy America. It is no theory but a recognizable step by step fact.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –