Dr. Jim Garrow: Undoing America’s Greatness

Undoing America’s Greatness:

Dr. Jim Garrow

Decades ago in the halls of Columbia University, a change was underway in the faculty of journalism. The ideological shift to Marxism and its teachings as the foundation for all “free thought and expression” was killing free thought and expression across the campus. To express support for traditional values and the foundations of morality based on the biblical view of man and that of the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence would be met with hostility by the intelligentsia of the day.

Soon the newspapers across America reflected the world view of the Marxists and radio personalities were popping up with that same worldview. As television age dawned wholesome entertainment became riddled with social justice stances that many mistook for support of the Christian ethos of “love your brother as yourself”. The work of Christian hospitals and shelters for the poor and downtrodden were ignored while the socialists provided other employment for themselves in government agencies that wrote rules and regulations that “ensured fairness and equity”. Many Christian efforts were hounded into oblivion and shuttered. The socialists had assured their employment and the rule over We the People through regulation and toeing the line that government set. Charitable actions came under the rule of government dictate. Soon squeezing the Christianity out of charity became the norm. Only government could assure fairness and equity don’t you know.

It wasn’t long before television shows highlighted situations where bigotry and hate held sway always under the watch of “Christians” gone astray and cruelty of all sorts was laid at the feet of the Church. It was done with subtlety and it’s across the board (or nation) approach accomplished with nary a finger pointing to a coordinated effort. The McCarthy era was a mere blip on the radar and inconvenienced only a few in the march to acceptance of the

dogma and orthodoxy of socialism as providing the balance needed in society. All sorts of agencies and government busybodies assured that it happened according to their dictate often in direct undermining of the Founding Fathers direction. Precedent after precedent in the courts whose judges convened hearings that supported socialist principles above those with a Judeo-Christian base. Did I mention who appointed their buddies from University or the intellectual clubs across the land to the judiciary? The breeding ground of the colleges and universities led to a further deepening of the incest of the intellectual elites who denied all who did not believe as they did from joining the faculties of the new elites. Same as, same as became the order of the day and the student lemmings marched to the socialist drummer or were drummed out if they dared to question the Marxist orthodoxy.

The demise of America was quietly being arranged by the Marxists leading up to the election of the Marxist President whose damage is gradually being undone by President Trump. He deserves and needs our prayers for wisdom and safety. May God bless our President and the United States of America.

– Dr. Jim Garrow

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