Fox News – A Corporate Shill

The Fox “News” Illusion

Anyone that has been following the news through the mainstream outlets has a sense of which ones lean left or right.  The more that you follow the news these days, the more that you come to understand that we have become conditioned to think there is a left/right paradigm that is legitimate.  That we actually have a “choice” when we enter the voting booth.  The latest antics from Fox News has shown with even more clarity that the left/right paradigm is an illusion.

More and more I see reports from commentators that show Fox News to be just another mainstream news outlet that is spewing the party line – a party that I call the mainstream party.  The mainstream party of the mixture of Liberals and Conservatives, and a group that is guided by the MSNBC/NBC/ABC/CNN/Fox News conglomerate that is all really one entity.  These days it seems that Fox News is more of a corporate shill than the rest of their cohorts in crime, but you could group all of them into one ideology with the way they all seem to hide and misreport the news.

Fox News started to show its cracks in believability when Ron Paul seriously reported his run for presidency.  The misquotes, the ignorant and insulting remarks by commentators as they laughed at Paul, the outright rudeness and refusal to recognize Paul’s presence in the race, has shown everyone that has watched them that they have an agenda.  Their agenda is to demonize and diminish Paul so that the viewers think he is not a viable candidate and keep us all voting the left/right party, or the mainstream party.  Fox has also tried in vain to minimize the Tea Party and their influence and reputation, but without success.
Then you have the “Sovereign Citizen Movement”, as one Fox News commentator coined it.  Never mind the fact that a sovereign citizen does not belong to any “movement”, and by definition, cannot have a leader other than God and the Constitution.  Fox News attempted to sensationalize and misreport to as to reshape public opinion.

Here is a clip from an interview where a commentator attempted to set the tone by telling lies about the person he was interviewing. As it appears, Fox News obtains their information from Wikipedia, which is notorious for inaccuracies.

This is but one example of many, many that show Fox News has blatantly disregarded facts so as to spin the news and change public sentiment on an issue, and the lies never seem to stop.

So, in my search for a news source that I can at least sometimes rely on, Fox News has fallen miserably short.  I have consistently found European and Asian news sources to provide far more accurate news, and I don’t have to sift through the tripe, petty opinions of “reporters”, and lies, to find it.  I urge all thinking people to move away from Fox News, and all the other mainstream outlets, and look outside our country for news.

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