9/11 – The Twin Towers

In this installment I wanted to do a review of the facts that culminated in the buildings falling.  I will concentrate on hard evidence and expert testimony regarding how the buildings fell and the technical aspects of what cause them to fall.  Away from the simple, “the airliners made them fall” explanation, I want to detail what happened after the airliners hit the buildings that ultimately cause them to collapse as they did.  After all, the airliners hitting the buildings did not make them fall – they stood for almost two hours before succumbing to whatever failures finally overcame them.

There are a few interesting facts that should be discussed prior to going into the more technical details as to what happened to the metal and concrete structure of Flight175the building and how it failed.  One very strange twist that I have yet to hear many discuss in detail, although it has been discussed, is the appearance of the airliners that struck the building.  Note in the picture to the right, that they are not a color that was used on any airliner at that time.

So looking at what we know:

Two airlines struck two buildings.

The two airliners have strange appendages attached.

The two airliners were colors not associated with any airline companies.

The high jackers were inexperienced at flying even single-engine aircraft, but were able to fly two airliners into two buildings at high speeds with great accuracy.

The lead engineer that designed the building stated that the buildings should have been able to withstand multiple impacts and keep standing.

No buildings in history have every collapsed due to fire, even after the fire burned for many hours

Jet fuel burns at 500-600 degrees F – steel melts at close to 2750 degrees F, but there are claims that the steel was weakened and caused the buildings to collapse.

The buildings free-fell as if the support had been taken out from under them.

The resulting rubble was mostly pulverized.

The buildings both (along with building 7) fell straight down- no twisting, no leaning.

There are reports that scientists have tested the rubble and found traces of thermite. Thermite can only be produced in laboratories that are very sophisticated.

The alleged high jackers were later seen after the “attack”.

Many engineers have disputed the official report that the airliners brought down the buildings.

After so many years where there has been no real investigation into the attacks, and there are so many unanswered questions and government statements that conflict with the facts, it is no wonder that we are still in the middle of this debate over one of the worst catastrophes in our history.
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