9/11 – An Inside Job?

For nearly 10 years now, since the World Trade Centers were brought down, there have been arguments on both sides of the fence as to whether or not it was the work of foreign terrorists, or our own governmental terrorists.  There is probably more passion than fact, but there is enough of both to form strong opinions on both sides.

In looking at both sides, and having been on both sides over the years, I wanted to compile information that was indisputable.  Inasmuch as I could, I wanted to put together a list of the evidence that supported the theory that our government was behind it along with evidence that it could only have been foreign terrorists that planned and executed the event.

There is so much information to sift through that I fear this small article will end up taking on a life of its own and will probably grow into a several-part series.  At first I want to at least open the exploration with an outline of what has been theorized and what hard evidence there is to support it.  The background is so well known that it would be almost a waste to repeat what transpired on that fateful day, but in light of the fact that so many died, it is out of respect that I recap.

On September 11, 2001, a Tuesday morning, approximately 3000 people were murdered when two jet airliners slammed into the World Trade Centers.  Flight 93 over Pennsylvania crashed into the ground killing another ??? people, and when the airliner hit the Pentagon,  it killed an additional 125 people.  The day was marked with many, many, accounts of sadness, heroism, fear, and confusion.  The damage to property in the many billions of dollars and the damages from the loss of life is incalculable.  Over time the happenings from that day have claimed more lives from the residual effects of what the people that lived, endured.  God bless all that were lost and all that were involved.

In thinking of a format, an outline, to put together the information, I decided to start out with a simple list of each affected structure and what happened to it,  engineering and scientific data and opinions as to what would have had to of happened to that structure in order for it to succumb to the failures that ensued, and then possible alternatives to what may become obvious.  The structures in question are the following:

  • The two main Trade Center buildings
  • The third building known as “building 7”
  • The airliner, flight 77, that hit the Pentagon
  • The airliner, flight 93, that hit the ground in Stoney Creek township, PA

In my next installment, I will start by focusing on the two main buildings, what happened to them, and the scientific evidence to prove the possibilities.  I welcome any and all comments, and please feel free to correct anything that you think may be inaccurate.  If you do find inaccuracies, please respond with links to where you obtained your information so that we may all benefit.

Thank you for reading, and I will begin with the assessment of the main two buildings in the next installment.

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