ATF Buys Firearms and Gives Them to Criminals

This story just never ends.  It seems that there is a new wrinkle almost every day.  We find out that the ATF is illegally purchasing guns and giving them away to the Mexican cartels so that their bandits can be well-armed.  We find out that knowledge of the tax funded operation is known at higher and higher levels of government.

So ten days before Christmas, 2010, a border patrol agent was gunned down by a Mexican bandit with a gun that was given to him by ATF agents.  In the following months we would learn that the higher officials told the working agents to “stand down” their earlier investigations into gun running operations in Phoenix so that the ATF agents involved in the criminal activity could continue unabated in their gun sales to the Mexicans.

As it appears now, as we have learned from inside sources, there may have also been a plan to use the Phoenix connection as an excuse to crack down on legal gun sales in the U.S. by imposing very restrictive laws on legal gun sales to U.S. citizens.  By routing the illegal ATF activity through allegedly legal gun dealers, the ATF could charge that tighter controls needed to be imposed on gun dealers, making it more difficult to sell guns, and eventually, as our government has done time and again, running the legal gun dealers out of business.  Under the skin this appears to be a government operation designed to ultimately disarm the public, as our government has been trying to do for some time now.

So let’s see if we all understand how the logic of our government officials (criminals) works.

We the people must fill out forms and pass a check by the government to see if we are worthy, according to the government, to be able to buy a gun for protection or hunting.  The government can buy firearms as they wish and give them out to criminals.

Sounds like a government out of control and what our forefathers warned us against.  A government that forces us to pay them so that they can use our money for projects designed to further-enslave us financially.

Perhaps when the rest of the population starts to awaken and finds out for themselves that they are sovereign and that the politicians are our subjects and not the other way around, we will be able to take back our country from the cancer that has consumed Washington.

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