Gold, the Economy, and Inflation

It seems that no matter where you look these days, there are “experts” everywhere that think they have a handle on the economy and what has caused it to falter.  These Monday morning quarterbacks never saw any of the monetary crashes coming over the last 15 years, but they certainly think they are expert enough to tell us all what is going wrong today and how to fix it.  Be it the mindless drivel you read in the New York Times, or the commentators in CNBC, they all have their opinions and half-baked commentaries on our recession, or should we just call it what it is – our depression.

In reading all the editorials referring to the rise in gold prices as a gold bubble, it seems that the authors have no idea of the concept of gold and what it really means to the economy.  Gold does not represent a value – it is a value.  It is a basis which you use to exchange tangibles.  If you compare the value of different goods you will find that an ounce of gold will buy approximately the same goods now as it did a hundred years ago.  Same for silver.  You can buy a gallon of gasoline for a silver dime, just as you could years ago.  So where then is the bubble?

To a simple minded person, they would look on the surface and think that some sort of bubble could be attributed to the gold because of the rise in the number of dollars that it takes to buy gold.  If you dig a bit deeper, you will find that the depressed value of the dollar, a dollar that is not tied to anything of solid value, is going down more and more every day.  The dollar is nothing but an arbitrary representation of our work, and holds no value except that which is perceived.  Therein lies the danger in our economy.

With our dollar being a valueless piece of paper, the powers that be (bankers and the Federal Reserve), can attribute whatever value they wish to our dollar.  Tie that with the fact that we exchange our hard work for dollars, and you can clearly see that these powers have control over the value of our work.  If they wish us to work harder, longer, hours and leave us with the misperception that we are still earning the same, or more, money, they can simply devalue the dollar.  Prices and cost of living rises, we pay more, we work harder, but our standard of living remains the same.  All they need to do to devalue the dollar and devalue our work is to print more money.  That’s earned a new name – Quantitative Easing.  It used to be called counterfeiting, but because bankers do it, it has taken on the new label.

In 1914 then-president Wilson suspended the gold standard for our country.  He was later heard making the statement that it was the worst thing he had ever done.  A discussion on how that transpired is beyond the scope of what I want to discuss here, but suffice it to say that there were others murdered for going against the bankers

So now we see that our government has removed the paper we use to exchange our value from a fixed value point, and thereby made its value arbitrary, they have printed money like a mad man, devaluing our work, and have helped push our economy farther towards an inevitable crash.  Once a government removes a standard that is used to dictate the value of money, they can assign any value they wish.  Our government, over many years, has managed to remove our dollar’s connection to gold and silver, and allow bankers to take total control over our dollar.  Bankers now have the power to work us as hard and long as they wish, and tell us what value our work has.

Now that we can see that an insidious group of bankers has been allowed to take over our monetary system, and has complete control over the value of our labors, it seems that the enslavement of the masses is almost complete.  All of our economic structure revolves around exchanging things of value for paper, and then back into something of value.  Every transaction’s value can be controlled by a central entity that is privately owned and who’s existence is dependent upon its own greed.  Not the way our forefathers intended and not what they died for.

We as a people have allowed this to a certain degree.  Although on the surface we have appeared complacent, we were wooed and brainwashed into inaction against an out of control government by a constant barrage of radio and television.  Entertainment that was designed to change the way we thought and remove motivation.  Although we fell for it, we were not in our right minds.  Looking back it is not difficult to see how they accomplished it.

There are all sorts of theories about the methods used.  You have television, with all its subliminal messages, Fluoride in the water, the same stuff used by the Germans against prisoners  during World War II, Aspartame, and a host of other chemicals that are pumped into our bodies every day.  In the end, we didn’t stand a chance.  By the time we realized what was happening to us, it was too late, they had taken over.

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