Prices Are Not going Up the Value of Our Dollar is Going Down

Prices are not going up. The value of our dollar is going down. You can still buy a gallon of gas for a silver dime.

Our politicians took us off the gold standard years ago because they could not manipulate the prices of gold, but they could manipulate the value of the paper money. They could then make us work as hard as they wanted for as little value as they wanted to give us for that work.

We’re screwed. They have taken power and control, and we have let them. All we can do now is prepare for the ultimate crash when the streets will be littered with people that did not prepare, and are willing to take from you to survive. This preplanned collapse will finally end in the population’s capitulation as they are herded into work camps for their own good. Most, not having learned how to self-sustain, will march to the slaughter as good little sheep.

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