Democrat or Republican – All the Same

Democrat/Republican – it doesn’t matter.  Both parties are corrupt.

Washington has become a bastion of organized crime that we called politics.

They tax all of our goods, this is after taxing everything that went into the making of those goods. They tax the vehicles that transport our goods, that is after they tax every part of every vehicle, the roads, the fuel, and then the licensing.

They tax our wages, be it legal or not.   We probably pay 80%-90% of our income in taxes. Taxes that are hidden in all that we buy.

And then they play us into thinking it is a Democrat versus Republican issue when they both do basically the same. It keeps us fighting so that they can continue to milk us for every cent they can and we work until we die. The politicians are the kings and queens and we are the serfs.   Wake up or stay asleep and continue business as usual while our government meddles in other countries’ business and gets us into war after war, and then covers all its bad deeds up because the Media is in bed with them.

And in the end we the people pay for it all – over and over again.

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